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Rock Vise Precision Firearm Vise

Rock Vise Precision Firearm Vise

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The one and only Rock Vise!  Made in the USA!  The Rock Vise (patent-pending) is a compact gun vise made from premium components and designed for the discerning buyer.  Combine a full 360 degree rotation with zero movement and rock solid stability.  See our "Why Rock Vise" page for what makes our product so unique.  

We've selected premium materials that will give many years of service.  The housing, baseplate, and shaft retention disc are made from aluminum, while the shaft and jaw are constructed of the highest quality stainless steel.  The ARCA/Pic jaw moves in and out of the shaft via spring-tensioned steel guide pins.  The fixture comes fully assembled with two machine levers.  Other accessories (not included) are available such as the Fluted Knob, Accessory Tray, and AR-15 Magazine Attachment Block, with more coming soon.

The aluminum components are anodized using a proprietary process called AnoMist.  This coating allows for protection, even with our precision shaft to bore tolerance.  Please note that there may be slight tone variations due to this process.  This is not "glamour" anodizing, but a true protective coating for a functioning tool.  Rock Vise will develop wear patterns over time (scratches, etc.), but will remain protected and not affect functionality.  

We are proud that Rock Vise is made in the USA!

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