Why Rock Vise?

Like most innovative products, Rock Vise and its related accessories (patent and trademark pending) were borne from dissatisfaction with current products on the market.  Shooters spend significant amounts on firearms, only to use a less than ideal solution when cleaning and/or working on those weapons.  Rock Vise provides the following unique advantages over other vise/fixture products:

Advantage #1 - Attachment Method

Many current fixtures rely on a cradle system or vise jaws with foam that are similar to shop vises seen in most workshops.  The problem is that neither method holds the weapon in a truly secure fashion.  Rock Vise uses ARCA or picatinny rail features with an integrated set of jaws in the shaft to grip the firearm in such a way that you can not only be sure that the weapon is secure, but that it has no movement.


Rock Vise jaws have spring-loaded guide pins that allow for the use of all ARCA and pic rails, whether precision or non-conforming.  


The jaw is tightened/loosened from the shaft by means of a lever (standard) or knob (upgrade).  The screws use a fine thread so that the operation is smooth and tightening/loosening can be accomplished with minimal effort.


Once secured to the shaft, the firearm can be rotated to the desired angle by means of the shaft turning within the housing.  The machine tolerance is so tight that you will not observe any "play" in the shaft, and adjustment is made by means of a lever on the top of the housing.


AR platforms can also use the magazine block attachment available in our "Products" page.


In summary, once secured to Rock Vise, your firearm will stay where you want it. 

 Advantage #2 - Compact Design and Simplicity

Many of the other vise products on the market are large and/or cumbersome.  Rock Vise allows for secure attachment with a practical range of motion, while taking up minimal space in your work area.  When not in use, the shaft can be retracted.  It's everything you need, and nothing you don't.


Advantage #3 - Quality materials

Many other vise products are made of plastic and/or cheap metal.  Rock Vise is constructed of the highest quality stainless steel and aluminum and is made in the USA.  While the quality of the materials results in a higher price, we think you will be satisfied with the result.  It is truly a premium product.  As the saying goes, "buy once, cry once".